Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Amateur Photographer

I managed to get a photo in the top 30 in todays Amateur Photographer. The competition theme was "intimate detail".

This is my second photo to be published this year. The first being the following which won 3rd place in the theme "Arranged by..".

Next months photo has just been sent and I am hopefull it will do well too.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

New Hats

'Hatted up' and ready for the festival sunshine!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Flights and Festivals

The flights are now booked and the route set. In September we start our travels in Cuba, where we stay for 3 weeks. Then from Cuba we fly to Costa Rica for a fortnight. We head to South America next for three months, starting in Peru and finishing in Argentina, probably via Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay. We are due to arrive in New Zealand in late January 2009, where we will stay for the forseable future!

Before then the festivals we are planning on going to with Groovy Smoothies have been confirmed.

  • Wychwood

  • Rockness which is a long journey to Inverness!

  • Isle of Wight

  • A Mountain bike Festival in Hereford (Heather's looking forward to the fit blokes in lycra!)

  • The always sunny Glastonbury!

  • Cornbury

  • Then the festival of the year, Geekfest. Camping in the Gower, everyone welcome.

  • Benicassim (a festival in Spain, where we are going to play, not work!)

  • Secret Garden Party

  • Big Chill

  • Beautiful Days

  • Greenbelt

  • Electric Picnic in Ireland

  • Bestival

  • End of the Road

Before we leave we are planning a party on the 20th of September. So keep your diaries free for that Saturday.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Saints and Sinners

Last weekend was Heather's Birthday party. A great excuse to dress up and drink far too much! The theme was Saints and Sinners. Thought I'd start this blog by sharing the pics.

You can see more photos at